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PR Material Download

Dōgo Onsen Front Page > PR Material Download

You may download and use PR materials (photos and data) of Dōgo Onsen.
However, the use is limited to the purpose of enhancing the name recognition and image of Dōgo Onsen, and is not permitted in the following cases:

  1. 1. that which offends public order and morals.
  2. 2. that infringes on the copyrights of third parties.
  3. 3. that infringes on the property, privacy, etc. of a third party.
  4. 4. that uses the photo data for commercial purposes, such as manufacturing or selling the data.
  5. 5. Any other use that violates laws and regulations.

No prior application is required for the use of photographs in accordance with the Terms of Use. If the user requires reconfirmation, please confirm the proofreading of the manuscript and provide us with the results of the use.
The use of this data is the responsibility of the user. Please understand that we will not be liable for any damage or disadvantage caused by the use of this data.
※The images shown may differ from the current conditions.

Dōgo Onsen Honkan

Dōgo Onsen Honkan (before preservation and repair work)

Dōgo Onsen Annex Asuka-no-Yu

Dōgo Onsen Tsubaki-no-Yu

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