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The Dogo Onsen Website will properly handle the collection, use and management of personal information in accordance with the "Matsuyama City Personal Information Protection Ordinance" as follows.

What personal information is:

Personal information is information about an individual that identifies or can identify a specific individual (e.g.; address, name, telephone number, e-mail address, etc.).

Collection of Personal Information

The regular contents on the Dogo Onsen Website can be used without revealing any personal information.
However, when collecting personal information, we will clearly state the purpose for it and will only do so within the scope of that purpose. For example, we may collect your personal information by asking you to provide your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, etc. to the extent necessary for the purpose of sending e-mails to Dogo Onsen (each section, etc.), applying for various events and lectures, conducting surveys, and soliciting your opinions.
In addition, the Dogo Onsen Website uses the following technologies.

Personal Information Protection by SSL Encryption Technology

SSL encryption technology is used in the forms for entering personal information on this website to authenticate the organization and encrypt the transmitted data in order to protect the personal information that is transmitted.

Use of "Cookies"

In order to provide user-friendly services, we use a technology called "Cookies". "Cookies" is a mechanism for temporarily writing and storing information in the computer of a website visitor. This technology is used by the web server to identify your computer, but no personally identifiable information is obtained. Depending on the browser you are using, you may be able to change your browser settings to disable the Cookie function.

Recording on the Web Server

Web Server of Dogo Onsen automatically records the IP address and other information of users' computers for the purpose of analyzing and managing trends in the use of the website, detecting user trends, and collecting statistical information. However, this is totally not to identify individual users, and users can browse the website anonymously unless they disclose their own personal information.

Management and Protection of Personal Information

Personal information collected through the Dogo Onsen Website will be managed appropriately to prevent unauthorized access, loss, or alteration. Personal information that is no longer necessary to be retained will be promptly disposed of (deleted).

Use of Personal Information

Personal information collected through the Dogo Onsen Website will not be used for any purpose other than to improve the services provided on the Dogo Onsen Website or to improve administrative services.

Provision and Disclosure of Personal Information

Personal information collected will never be used within the implementing agency for any purpose other than administrative purposes, nor will it be provided to any party other than the relevant implementing agency, except as stipulated by ordinance.

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