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“Yo-oidetanamoshi!” Welcome to Dogo Onsen Annex Asuka-no-Yu!

Dogo Onsen is said to be the oldest hot spring in Japan.
In December 2017, the new hot spring facility Dogo Onsen Annex Asuka-no-Yu celebrated its grand opening.
Take a virtual trip to Asuka-no-Yu where you can indulge in stories about the history of Dogo Onsen and the contentment of soaking in a hot spring. Join the girls and enjoy the charm of Dogo Onsen with the 360°video.
Head out on a virtual trip on your smartphone or tablet and become immersed. ♪

Finding Matsuyama charms and features Dogo Onsen Annex Asuka-no-Yu

Asuka-no-Yu is introduced in a visual broadcast showing the charms of Matsuyama City.
The video condenses the highlights of Asuka-no-Yu with its large resting lounge, private rooms such as Shirasagi-no-Ma, Tamanoishi-no-Ma, Tsubaki-no-Ma, Karimiya-no-Ma, and Yugeta-no-Ma, the large public bath surrounded by wall murals with the open-air bath, and the special bathing room Yūshinden that replicates the private bathing room made exclusively for the Imperial Family at Dogo Onsen Honkan.


Musicians welcome visitors in “orchestra style” with the majestic rhythm of Viennese waltz mixed with the soothing comfort of the resonating oke bucket – a familiar onsen sound.

Dogo Time Exploration

Dogo Time Exploration
vol.0 Omnibus

Dogo Time Exploration is the title of Dogo Onsen's time-themed walking tours.
The Toki Daiko Drum at Dogo Onsen Honkan is struck three times a day to tell the time. The sound of the taiko drum has been selected as one of the desired 100 Soundscapes of Japan.
Step outside Dogo Onsen Honkan to experience the culture of soto-yu public bathhouses at Asuka-no-Yu and Tsubaki-no-Yu, and enjoy a stroll wearing a yukata. After you visit the classic Botchan Karakuri Clock, explore the temples and shrines, go for a walk in the rich nature of Dogo-koen Park, and feel the hot spring source with your all five senses. This town, showing different expressions over time, is what makes Dogo Onsen so special.

Dogo Time Exploration
vol.1 Dogo Onsen Annex Asuka-no-Yu

Go straight from Dogo Onsen Honkan through Dogo Shopping Arcade and you will soon see Asuka-no-Yu.
The bathhouse with integrated architectural styles of the Asuka period is decorated in a collaboration of Ehime's traditional crafts and arts, resembling a museum.
Along with your bath, you can choose a course with a resting room.
Take a bath in the special bathing room that is a replica of the imperial Yūshinden bathing room in the Dogo Onsen Honkan, and wear a yukata as you savor some green tea and tea cakes afterwards.
Take a break from your daily routine and enjoy the traditional hospitality of Dogo Onsen.

Dogo Time Exploration
vol.2 Dogo Onsen Tsubaki-no-Yu

The Dogo Onsen experience is not complete without shopping and dining as you stroll through the Dogo Shopping Arcade in a yukata after stepping off the tram at Dogo Onsen Station.
At the end of the Dogo Shopping Arcade, you will see Tsubaki-no-Yu on your left.
Tsubaki-no-Yu is the town bathhouse loved by locals.
Make yourself at home and let the spacious atmosphere relieve your tired body as you relax. One pleasure among others, why not enjoy walking in search of the onsen manhole covers after your bath?

Dogo Time Exploration
vol.3 Dogo Onsen No.4 Hot Spring Supply Facility

The No. 4 Hot Spring Supply Facility draws spring water from the source of Dogo Onsen and distributes it to public baths such as in Dogo Onsen Honkan and hotels.
The characteristic of Dogo Onsen is that it is a free-flowing hot spring with the temperature adjusted by mixing hot springs of different temperatures, without heating or adding water.
Move along keeping Dogo Onsen Station on your left and find the No. 4 Hot Spring Supply Facility.
At the facility you can watch the procedure for free and feel the freshly pumped hot springs in the handbath.
Stop over at the quaint Promenade Nikitatsu-no-Michi nearby or for a change of pace, enjoy strolling the back streets of Dogo Onsen.

Dogo Time Exploration
vol.4 Sora-no-Sanpomichi (sky promenade & footbath)

Find Sora-no-Sanpomichi sky promenade and footbath on the slightly elevated Mt.
Kanmuriyama near Dogo Onsen Honkan.
Visit the Yu-jinja Shrine very closely related with Dogo Onsen and soak your tired feet in the footbath as you take in the majestic town view of the Dogo Onsen slowly colored in the sunset.
Notice the time changing as the lights start to come on.

Dogo Time Exploration
vol.5 Botchan Karakuri Clock

When you get off the Botchan Train at Dogo Onsen Station, you will see the Botchan Karakuri Clock in front of you.
Watch the joyful movements of the marionettes in the clock before heading into the town of Dogo Onsen.
Soak your feet in a footbath, go for an auspicious tour of Enman-ji and Hogon-ji Temples, and enjoy a special walk that only Dogo Onsen can offer.
Also, be sure to take in the unique hot spring ambience at night, when Dogo Onsen shows a different appeal from its daytime presence.

Dogo Time Exploration
vol.6 Dogo-koen Park

The lush green Dogo-koen Park that you can see from Dogo Onsen Station is a place where you can fully enjoy the four seasons and nature of Japan, with water lily pond and an observatory.
Feel the history and culture of Dogo Onsen at the Yuzuki Castle Ruins where samurai lived, and the Shiki Museum, which traces the footsteps of MASAOKA Shiki, father of modern haiku.
At the end of your town walk, visit the Isaniwa-jinja Shrine, an important cultural property known as one of Japan’s three buildings of hachiman-zukuri architecture, for a spectacular sunset from the top of the shrine’s stone steps.

Dogo Onsen Honkan
conservation and repair work

Scenes from Dogo Onsen Honkan Conservation and repair work
Connecting History to the Future, Part 2 (March 2020)

Commentary on scenes such as drainage pipes found after digging two meters under the central corridor and materials found during the Dogo Onsen Honkan conservation and repair work.

Scenes from Dogo Onsen Honkan Conservation and repair work
Connecting History to the Future, Part 1 (August 2019)

Easy to understand commentary on what went on inside the Honkan under construction,
how the scaffolding was set up from June to July, and other scenes during the Dogo Onsen Honkan conservation and repair work, which began in January 2019.


Original Animation – Hi no Tori, the Phoenix: Dogo Onsen Chapter
Episode 3: And to the Future

Episode 3 of Hi no Tori, the Phoenix: Dogo Onsen Chapter moves from the Kamakura period to today, before moving on to the future.
The final episode of the trilogy depicts a slip into the future by the Phoenix’s power. The great Ippen Shonin from Dogo Onsen who holds the key to this time-travel, is played by voice actor ITAO Itsuji.

Original Animation – Hi no Tori, the Phoenix: Dogo Onsen Chapter
Episode 2: Shiki and Soseki

Episode 2 of Hi no Tori, the Phoenix: Dogo Onsen Chapter takes place in the Meiji period.
Dogo Onsen Honkan was renovated in the 27th year of Meiji (1894) by Dogo-yunomachi’s first mayor ISANIWA Yukiya. This episode tells the story of Matsuyama’s famed poet MASAOKA Shiki and his friend Natsume Soseki visiting Dogo Onsen Honkan together in 1895, one year after the big “renovation Meiji”.
(This work is fiction. Some scenes depicted in the screenplay may differ from historical facts.)

Original Animation – Hi no Tori, the Phoenix: Dogo Onsen Chapter
Prologue & Episode 1: Prince Shotoku’s Visit

Original animation produced by Tezuka Productions to promote the Dogo REBORN PROJECT, collaborating Dogo Onsen Honkan and Hi no Tori, the Phoenix, considered to be TEZUKA Osamu’s lifework. It is an original story about how the Phoenix appears in Dogo Onsen’s history and tales.
・In the Prologue, okuninushi and Sukuna Hikona, the anime characters are introduced based on the Legend of the Tamanoishi.
・In Episode 1, Prince Shotoku’s Visit, the story unfolds as it relates to the legend of Prince Shotoku’s visit in A.D. 596.

Introductions to the public bathhouse facilities