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What is sustainable tourism?

Tourism that adapts to the needs of visitors, industry, the environment and host regions, while taking fully considerations of current and future economic, social and environmental influences.
This is one of the central concepts of the direction and measures of tourism that the government aims to achieve.


  • Refrain from using your smartphone while walking.
  • Do not walk spreading all over the road.
  • Do not shoot on the roadways.
  • Do not ride a bicycle while drunk.
  • Wearing a helmet when riding a bicycle is recommended.
  • Do not ride a bicycle side by side.
  • ■ Bicycles are basically driven on the roadway.
  • ■ Ride a bicycle on the left side of the roadway.
  • ■ Please use public transportation to get around.


  • Do not litter.
  • Please use the restroom clean.
  • Smoking is only at designated areas.
  • ■ Do not spit "gum or saliva" on the streets.

Corona virus

  • Refrain from loud conversations.
  • Please cooperate with temperature measurement and disinfect your hands.
  • Take enough social distancing.
  • ■ Please avoid crowded times, and move in small groups.


  • Do not bathe while drunk.
  • Do not soak towels in the bathtub.
  • Do not shoot in the dressing room or the bathing room.
  • ■ Rinse yourself before entering the bathtub.
  • ■ Wipe your body with a towel before going into the dressing room.
  • ■ Wash your body outside the bath and rinse soap, etc thoroughly with hot water.


  • Do not cut into a line.
  • Please contact us when canceling your reservation.
  • Do not take facility equipment, etc home without permission.
  • ■ Please follow the rules of the facility.
  • ■ Please keep the reservation time.
  • ■ Have some emergency contacts.

Videos to aware manners for foreign tourists visiting Japan

Due to differences in culture and customs, what is "normal" manners for Japanese people may not be so for foreign travelers.
In order to promote understanding of Japanese manners, culture, and customs among these foreign travelers, and to enjoy traveling in Japan more comfortably, we will introduce manners awareness videos. (Produced by Japan Tourism Agency)

  • TAKING PICTURES SCENE#01 (Taking pictures 1)
  • TAKING PICTURES SCENE#02 (Taking pictures 2)
  • WALKING ON THE STREETS SCENE#03 (Walking on the streets)
  • PUBRIC TRANSPORTATION SCENE#04 (Public transportations)
  • TRADITIONAL BUILDINGS SCENE#05 (Shrines, Temples and Traditional structures)
  • PUBLIC BATHS AND HOTELS SCENE#06 (Onsen・Accommodations)
  • RESTAURANTS SCENE#07 (Restaurants 1)
  • RESTAURANTS SCENE#08 (Restaurants 2)
  • PUBLIC SPACES SCENE#09 (Public spaces 1)
  • PUBLIC SPACES SCENE#10 (Public spaces 2)

Introductions to the public bathhouse facilities